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Project to impulse cross-border transport
and logistics collaboration
in the Euroregion


Given the high and rising percentage that logistics costs represent in industrial companies, it is necessary to favour the introduction of technology that allows this cost reduction, but also the improvement of performance in competitiveness factors such as the reduction of environmental impact or the improvement of delivery times.


Action 3.1

  • Programme for the promotion of Green Logistics, analysing those processes with the highest environmental impact and proposing improvement actions to reduce the carbon footprint and even logistics costs.

  • Service of evaluation and proposal of actions to improve the environmental performance of industrial and logistics companies, which will also make it possible to achieve certification of the carbon footprint of the SMEs that use the service.

    Design of public support programmes that make it possible to mobilise structural founds to finance the environmental improvement actions of private companies.

Action 3.2

  • Promotion of collaborative logistics between companies in the Euroregion, which advances the idea that the value of logistics infrastructures is in their use and not in their ownership, achieving a real saturation of assets which minimises costs. The idea is to provide a support framework that allows the development of collaborative economy projects that increase sectoral competitiveness and help to achieve the challenges faced by the logistics sectors.

  • Support service for the development of projects of shared use of equipment, load capacity (co-loading) or aggregation of loads, which analyses their viability and provides support in their development and attraction of partners and users.

    Design of public programs to support collaborative logistics, allowing the financing of business projects in this area.

Action 3.3

  • Smart-logistics programme improving the approach to the challenges in the fields of Industry 4.0 related to logistics and the optimisation of supply chains, the connection between the different links in these chains and new technologies such as sensorisation, location of goods or demand forecasting.

  • Forum of technological solutions that show the technological and organizational solutions available for implementation in the technological and logistics companies of the Euroregion.

    Smart-logist improvement service for companies that accompany them in the improvement of their supply chains in areas such as more personalized production, more efficient management of shipments according to demand forecasts, reduction of stocks and storage, route optimization, geolocalization systems and knowledge of the location and traceability of goods, etc.

    Call for project ideas related to logistics and transport in the field of smart-cities to facilitate the consideration of logistics and transport in digital city projects.

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