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Project to impulse cross-border transport
and logistics collaboration
in the Euroregion


This activity proposes to launch the project by carrying out an analysis of the performance of the logistics function in the Euroregion Galicia-North of Portugal, studying who the relevant agents are, what the global opportunities are that the industrial and logistics sectors face, as well as the state of the external connectivity of the Euroregion and the possibilities for improvement.

In the definition and development of activities, the different levels or components of the logistics function and the interrelations between them will be considered. The activities proposed are:


Action 1.1

  • Identification of agents and creation of an on-line information system or portal for visualising the logistics capacities of the Euroregion;in order to improve the external visibility of the territory's logistics capacities and which are the most relevant public and private agents. The tasks to be developed in this action are:

  • Identification and analysis of the relevant agents in Galicia and Northern Portugal, in the four layers considered of the logistics sector.

    Construction of the on-line information system, as a technological platform that includes the information obtained and establishing an updating system.

    Promotion of the information system, both as a tool for decision making, the development of collaborative projects and greater external visibility of the Euroregion Galicia-Northern Portugal.

Action 1.2

  • Analysis of the viability of infrastructure projects to improve connectivity and intermodality, with particular focus on road, railway and air transport, such as the following tasks:

  • Viability analysis of the implementation of a network of safe parking areas for the transport of dangerous goods. This is a recurrent demand of this type of transporters who, having to park in "unsafe" rest or service areas, in the sense that they do not have controlled access and security systems specially dedicated to them, are obliged not to leave the truck during their obligatory rest periods. The idea would be to analyse the viability of implementing a network of such parking areas and even to identify a series of zones, distributed fairly, where they could be established.

    Viability analysis of the implementation of transport infrastructure for the interconnection of southern Galicia with Northern Portugal, with special attention. The promotion of some new road connection will be analysed, by means of a new bridge over the Miño river, for example between PLISAN and Portugal.

    Railway analysis, studying the current charges that are moved by this system and analyzing the viability of aggregation of goods that enable the use of this mode of transport.

    Air analysis. Characterising air flows and promoting business projects for the development of air freight traffic.

    Analysis of intermodality and detection of improvement actions to promote it.

Action 1.3

  • Evaluation of the logistic performance of the Euroregion's driving sectors, proposing actions for the improvement of logistics, which will help companies to confront their most relevant challenges in this area and in other related areas: e-commerce, reverse logistics, omnibus strategies...

  • Evaluation of the territorial connectivity, of the logistic performance of the sector and of the driving sectors of the economy of the Euroregion, considering its competitive situation in the face of the economic globalisation process.

    Cross-border logistics optimisation forums.Development of two cross-border logistics optimisation forums as a meeting point between logistics service providers and demanders, and how to respond to the great challenges such as e-commerce, inverse logistics or multi-channel strategies.

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