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Project to impulse cross-border transport
and logistics collaboration
in the Euroregion




    • The main service made available to the business community is the Plataforma Logística Industrial de Salvaterra - As Neves (PLISAN). A logistics platform is a defined area within which different logistics operators carry out all the activities related to logistics and distribution of goods, both for international and national transport. It is configured as a specialized area, of concentration of companies and logistic services, transport of goods and intermodality, as well as industrial, business activities and associated general services.

      The PLISAN Logistics Platform is located in Pontevedra between the municipalities of Salvatierra de Miño and Las Nieves. Promoted in 2001 by the Xunta de Galicia, the Port Authority and the Vigo Free Trade Zone. The Platform was conceived as a multifunctional complex arranged over a territorial area of 298 hectares, strategically located 35 km from Vigo and connected to the Port of Vigo by the Motorway (A-52), with the Atlantic Highway (AP-9) and with the North of Portugal (A-55), and in contact with the axis of the Madrid - Orense - Vigo - Port of Vigo railway line.

    • The Areas of Activity are the five major areas of activity for mixed and thematic use, into which the platform is divided. The areas are the following:

      • CI- Centro Intermodal: Area of concentration of intermodal terminals (FFCC- road)

      • LI-Intermodal Logistics Area: Complementary to the Intermodal Centre, with dedicated terminals and auxiliary facilities

      • LT- Logistics and Transformation Area: Area for logistics and transport operators, and company logistics centre (with compatible transformation activity)

      • LE-Business Logistics Area: Area for companies with a significant logistics component, compatible with service, office and production activities.

      • CS- Integrated Service Center: Complex of services to companies, people, vehicles and equipment.

      The logistics platform has been designed and conceived for the optimum performance of their functions, in an integrated and synergic manner, with potential for development in the short, medium and long term, both for the joint provision of services to the whole of the Vigo Logistics Node and his port, and to strengthen his projection on a regional, national and international scale.


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