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Project to impulse cross-border transport
and logistics collaboration
in the Euroregion



Initial event of the CoLogisitcs Project


Initial event of the CoLogisitcs Project

On January 15th 2020, the presentation of the CoLogistics project took place in Vigo, an initiative that seeks to develop the logistics sector as a sector with the capacity to boost economic activity and employment.  

The process of internationalization and globalization of the economy evolves and intensifies, demanding a better performance of the industrial and logistic sectors: deadlines are reduced, maintaining stocks is inefficient and the tension on transport costs is brutal. The project seeks to improve collaboration between all components of the logistics function, as well as to optimize the use of the extensive existing infrastructure.

Francisco Conde, Regional Minister of Economy, Employment and Industry, pointed out during this opening ceremony that the board worldwide is moving faster and faster and we need to anticipate from a logistics point of view as well. In this context, he highlighted the measures that are being activated within the scope of the CoLogistics project and the Optimization Strategy.

In the act it was recorded that this agreement seeks that the north of Portugal as Galicia get to be a reference of the European logistics. It encourages its development and modernisation to be on an equal footing with other regions, as is the case with the commitment to infrastructures such as the Atlantic Corridor.

 Furthermore, it also seeks the application of new business models for SMEs, in particular for their internationalisation, as well as contributing to the increase in the volume of exports by improving the performance of the logistics function of the most relevant primary and industrial sectors. The budget of the project is 2.2 million euros.

The CoLogistics project is funded through the POCTEP programme. Leading the project is the Pontevedra Confederation of Employers, as well as the Xunta, the Vigo Port Authority, the Portuguese Business Association, the Administration of the Duero, Leixões and Viana del Castelo Ports and the Vilanova de Famalição Municipal Chamber.

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