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Project to impulse cross-border transport
and logistics collaboration
in the Euroregion


This activity raises the improvement of the collaboration in the logistic area in order to plan and develop joint programs and actions between the different levels of the logistic function, which reduce in the improvement of the positioning and performance of the Euroregion Galicia – Northern Portugal as a relevant point in the global logistic maps.


Action 4.1

  • Coordination of the strategic positioning of the Euroregion with regard to elements such as the planning of transport networks and other elements of the European Union's transport policy.

  • External visibility programme of the logistics system of the Euroregion Galicia - North of Portugal as a relevant point at a global level.

    Logistical positioning: high level meeting that analyses and plans the situation and logistical positioning of the Euroregion in the transport networks.

    Administrative environment: analysis of the perception of the performance of the administrative environment in the fields of transport and logistics, proposing actions for improvement.

Action 4.2

  • Promotion of public-private collaboration in the field of logistics equipment in the Euroregion by finding the most appropriate formulas in each of the phases of planning, development and exploitation of industrial land and large logistics and multimodal equipment.

  • Good practices of public-private collaboration: Identification, characterisation and analysis of the transfer of good practices of public-private collaboration in the field of logistics.

    Regulatory analysis of the Euroregion with regard to public-private partnerships in the field of transport and logistics.

    Definition of pilot projects for public-private partnerships in the definition, development and operation of transport and logistics infrastructures.

Action 4.3

  • Creation of a coordination structure between the associative structures and clusters of Galicia and Northern Portugal that will allow the establishment of a joint programme of stable activities that will amplify the objectives of the project and establish its sustainability.

  • Creation of a collaboration structure with a cluster-type work methodology, which will serve as a structure for dialogue and definition of transport and logistics projects and initiatives in the Euroregion.


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